I am really pleased to be able to let you know that my new site is up, something which was long overdue.

So what have I been up to the better the part of the last decade? Well, I’ve been working in another media – computers. I was building a demanding internet business that has allowed me to work with great people in everything from public service to, of course, music. I am so grateful for the opportunity. Designing on computer is a whole other kind of canvas and I enjoy that immensely.

I also started painting on computer over the past few years. When I first experienced working on computers in 1996, I saw its enormous opportunities to enhance the way I painted. I can’t tell you the number of times that I would think, “How great it would be to try this idea in different color schemes” or “How great it would be to paint this in on a computer?”. Alas, the technology did not exists in the form it does today.  But thanks to Corel Painter and Wacom tablets, all that has changed and I really embrace this technology. I think it makes me a better artist and allows me to expand the bounds of my creativity.

I’ve also been enabled to use the technology to bring my work to new markets. For the past three years, I’ve been able offer my more of work to more people with, one of the top sellers of on-demand art reproductions on the web. This allows folks to buy high-quality print or canvas reproductions of my work in their choice of sizes.  What this association also allows me to do is to share a portion of the proceeds with The Jazz Foundation of America which helps the musicians who make the music that inspired my work, when they are in need. JFA is an important and inspirational organization.

Speaking of work, I have some new things coming and I will use this platform from time to time to share images, video and thoughts with you about what I’m working on, and I have a lot of “new” to work on. Almost every morning, I  wake up and immediately start sketching. From this process, I have a ton of new ideas, along with a stack of new canvases that I am excited to get to work on. Even during stretches when I’ve been focused on work other than painting, I never stopped creating new ideas for paintings and now it’s time to start making those pieces a reality.  Stay tuned!




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