The CoolStream

Last year, I had a hand in creating The CoolStream, a 24/7 jazz music station featured on the Live365 streaming platform. As the station’s tagline states, the station presents “the great artists of today, tomorrow and all-time”. For those like me, who appreciate the cross-section of jazz from legendary players to the amazing talents of the current day, the station […]
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The Mook

Our pets become as much a part of our lives as people, and my dog Michelle, who I primarily called The Mook, was no exception. She became a more immediate part of my life a year or so after I lost my grandmother, although she had been around about 5 years prior living with other family members. She was a […]
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Announcing iCanvas-Darryl Daniels Partnership

Darryl Daniels-iCanvas-Partnership
Happy New Year! I am very pleased to announce my partnership with iCanvas, one of the premier art publisher and distribution companies in the field. This association with make officially licensed reproductions available worldwide with a company that I am proud to be associated with because of the quality of their products and efforts in working with artists. You will […]
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Autumn is without question my favorite season. Enjoying this particular autumn has put me in mind of the song Autumn in New York which is also a favorite.

I especially love this version of the song because it’s Diana Krall. This video for the song that was filmed by Davis McCutcheon and directed by Mark Seliger around New York City during the challenges we faced last fall definitely recaptures much of the physical beauty that I came to appreciate when I lived there. Hope you enjoy it as well. Happy Autumn.

Autumn in New York

A Message of Thanks

I know that I’ve been a little quiet here for a bit, while I’ve been working on other projects (I’ll be embarking on new pieces to debut in the coming months), but I just want to say a hearty thank you to everyone who supports my work. Whether you purchased an original painting, print, or poster of my work, I […]
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New Year, New Work and a Lesson

So most of last year was devoted to completing a different somewhat art-related project.¬† It gave me time to gather some ideas for my next painting schedule. One of the pieces I wanted to get to this year is one that I sketched probably 25 years ago. It kept getting bumped down the list over the years, then, just when […]
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Paris, Rome and other stops

I had the great pleasure to spend a couple of lovely weeks in Paris and Rome, among others, earlier in July and late June. We saw many great places, experience some wonderful moments and see many amazing sites, including a stop at the Louvre, but what inspired me most were the beautiful people we met throughout travels. I look to […]
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We’ve launched DDA will be the official source for limited edition canvas reproductions of select works. Each print is uniquely signed and numbered and printed from its own unique digital file. The first release from the series is one of my early works, Light Notes (seen above). The edition for this piece is only 350. Pre-orders for this release […]
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Suite New Orleans

Here’s the first new work from a series inspired by New Orleans. The title is Suite New Orleans. It was developed from a sketch in one of my many folders of sketches.¬†This is an acrylic painting on stretched prime canvas, which measures 2 feet by 3 feet. The original sketch put me in mind of the New Orleans French Quarter […]
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New Orleans Swing Suite

I forgot to update my site with the progress on the New Orleans series. This photo is a few days old. I’m in the process of completing the first work from the series (seen above). I don’t have a title for it as yet but I’m getting closer to one. I based it on the famed French Quarter hotels. I […]
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