New Year, New Work and a Lesson

So most of last year was devoted to completing a different somewhat art-related project.  It gave me time to gather some ideas for my next painting schedule.

One of the pieces I wanted to get to this year is one that I sketched probably 25 years ago. It kept getting bumped down the list over the years, then, just when I was ready to work on it last year, I suddenly couldn’t find this sketch that I’d seen so often over the years. It was something that really bugged me. I became a bit obsessed with finding the sketch, quite frankly. At a certain point, I had to put the thought out of my mind, something aided by the other work I had embarked upon.  Having completed that project, I began focusing on what was next painting-wise. I, again, thought about the whereabouts of the image but decided to not fret about it. I decided to shift to the thought that somehow the paper that contained the image would present itself again and when it did I would work on the painting it would inspire.

Just recently, I needed to move some boxes for a service technician who had arrived to install some equipment needed for phone service. The box was full of CDs, folders and miscellaneous items. I hadn’t immediately noticed but in the process, of moving things in one of the boxes had fallen into disarray next to my desk.  At some point later, I came back to my desk to complete some work.  When I saw the fray, I reached down to start putting all of the items back in order, there was a piece of paper immediately underneath my chair. When I turned the paper over I was stunned and elated. It was paper with the drawing I had been looking for all that time.

There’s a lesson in all of this that I’ll let you identify.  🙂

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