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About The Series

A devotee of the figurative style of art, Darryl Daniels decided to transform the drawings he was making to explore the spatial distance between the abstract figures into the jazz musicians in his signature series of paintings.

It was part of an idea that Daniels had been exploring which fused a confluence of influences, from his own spatial compositional sense, to the design style of favorite magazines, and the cool vibe of 1950s photos capturing of jazz legends at play.

This eclectic brew evolved over time, with attention to the details of developing visual consistency. This ideal led the artist to paint all of the figures in black, which lent to the abstractness of the style he preferred. In addition to symbolizing the connection between the musicians, this approach allowed the statuesque players standing out amidst the spectra of backdrop scenarios.

Beginning with Traffic Jam in 1990, the series has evolved into Daniels signature style that is recognized worldwide. The musicians have been featured on television programs, commercial advertisements, film and recordings.

Almost 30 years later, Daniels is still sketching out new ideas for new pieces, while selectively choosing which he paints and releases publicly. With the emergence of technologies in printing and the internet, he is now pleased to make his work more available. In addition to more original works being made available for purchase, framed and unframed open edition prints and canvases can be purchased here, as well as exclusive limited edition canvases and prints.

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