Update on Detroit work

I’m well overdue on this update for the Detroit piece.¬† I was called away on another important art project for the better part of a month and a half. I’m now back at work on this piece and plan to have it completed very soon.

At this point, I am adding filling in windows¬† for the buildings. One Detroit Center (also known as Comerica Tower) on the left has incredible number of windows to complete, but it will be worth the effort in the effort. There’s a drummer off the left there as well and the piece will also include a pianist and bassist on the right side of the painting in front of the Dime Building (or the Chrysler House building, as it’s currently known). Creating a piece featuring the wonderful architecture of Detroit has been a project I’ve long wanted to produce and it’s getting closer to being a finished reality. More updates coming soon–I promise.

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