Q&A: Artist Influences

Question:  Dear Mr. Daniels. On your bio you mention that Norman Rockwell and Salvador Dali influenced you as a young artist.  Are there the works of other artists you admire or respect?  Jacques R. from Marseilles, France.

Thanks for writing, Jacques. In answer to your question, there are so many artists whose work I appreciate. I wouldn’t say that any of them had a direct effect on me as I discovered most of the artists I appreciate after I had found my identity as an artist. When you’re a young artist, it’s so easy to be influenced by the style and work of more established artists. I tended to be more inspired by photographers and artists whose work was more visible in commercial productions. I learned about Dali and some other artists I admire much later, and I’m really grateful that it worked out that way. I think if I had been exposed to a lot of those artists I would have spent more time to trying to mimic them and not finding my own way.

Today, I can say that I can say I truly appreciate the work of Edward Hopper, Jacob Lawrence, M.C. Escher, Keith Haring, Andrew Wyeth, and Claude Monet among predecessors. Among others today, I really like what Keemo, Ilene Richard and Rudy Gutierrez are doing. Hope that answers your question sufficiently.



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